Plastics are real all-rounders and have become and essential part of daily life. MASKA GLOBAL’s Masterbatch is used as a raw material in the production to replace a part of resin.

About Us

Maska Global is a professional company, dynamically developing manufacturers of Filler Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch & Additives Masterbatch for plastics in Vietnam by international standards.

Built on an area of 7​​,000m2 in Hung Yen, Maska Global factory is equipped with modern machinery and equipment. Along with strict quality control process and a team of experienced engineers, Maska Global is proud to bring high quality of Masterbatch which meet international standards such as FDA, UE Regulation N° 10/2011 to our customers.

Good Quality of Masterbatch in Vietnam

Filler Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch and Additives Masterbatch special effects, in addition to the widest possible range of Masterbatch on the market. Maska Global offers a truly enormous spectrum of solutions, able to meet the most diverse customer needs with speed and precision.

Application in a variety of sectors

With a diverse portfolio of materials and market knowledge, MASKA GLOBAL Masterbatch is compatible with almost all plastic processes, applications and are used as raw materials in variety of markets with many benefits:

Our Team

…is the heart and brain of MASKA GLOBAL . Through its many years of experience in plastics processing and by continuous training, they have a high level of competency. Many employees can look back on many years of experience and are an essential component of our success. 

Masterbatch can make the world a better place

Masterbatch can solve our customers biggest business challenges

We deliver on what we promise and add value beyond what is expected.

Our partners, customers and employees are the reasons for our success. 

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