Why do you need to use Desiccant Masterbatch in plastic production?​

1. What is Desiccant Masterbatch (Moisture Absorbent Masterbatch)?

As the name suggests, Desiccant masterbatch is an advanced functional masterbatch developed to solve the moisture problem. A desiccant is a substance designed to eliminate humidity and enhance extrusion and injection processes. A desiccant masterbatch gives a complete solution to the processor so as to reduce or remove undesired moisture.

Moisture can be present in raw materials such as hygroscopic polymers, fillers, and pigments.This masterbatch is used in eliminating moisture in virgin and recycled LD, LLDPE, HM, PP etc.

Desiccant masterbatch is suitable for blown film extrusion, injection molding, and blow molding processes. It is used directly by mixing the masterbatch and the damp plastic material uniformly.

 Moisture Absorber Masterbatches are provided in granular or pellet form with a high concentration of active agents and excellent dispersion into the end product. Benefits of using this product include avoiding problems during the process such as : fisheyes, holes, and grooves.

2. Why do we need to use Desiccant Masterbatch (Moisture Absorbent Masterbatch)?

Desiccant masterbatch can counter problems that develop during the processing of plastics due to the presence of moisture and prevent adsorption of moisture during transportation Moisture can be present in raw materials such as hygroscopic polymers, fillers, and pigments. Reprocess polymer can also have high moisture content. When processing polymer with high moisture content the polymer can become porous and show voids/lower tensile in the final articles or extruded/blown sheet. In film applications, the high moisture content can lead to film bubble breakage.

3. What is the Mechanism of Action of Desiccant Masterbatch?

Desiccant masterbatch chemically binds moisture during processing and allows higher levels of reprocessing polymers & fillers to be used.

Desiccant Masterbatch help to reduce:

  • Fish Eyes.
  • Windows/lenses in films.
  • Silver streak in molding.

Desiccant Masterbatches has the following advantages:

  • Increases filler addition level.
  • Maintain Strength.
  • Solves moisture-derived technical problems: fish eye, holes, streaks, surface defects, etc.
  • Improves mechanical properties.
  • Eliminates moisture problems due to the use of additives/pigments.
  • Reduces metal corrosion problems in the extruder.
  • Eliminates the drying process for hygroscopic polymers.
  • Energy consumption = 0.
  • No investment in drying machinery.
  • No plant space was taken up.
  • High absorbent power.
  • Immediately solves a moisture problem without having to stop production.
  • Eliminates the need to dry the waste for reuse.

Applications of Desiccant Masterbatch(Moisture Absorbent Masterbatches)

  • Handle of plastic bags
  • Agricultural plastic film
  • Paper like plastic forms.
  • Bin bags.
  • Recycled polymers processing
  • Barrels and drums
  • Processing of woven sacks
  • Injection processes.
  • Twin wall sheets.
  • Thermoformed sheets.
  • Corrugated pipes.

4. Why Use Desiccant Masterbatch of MASKA GLOBAL?

Desiccant Masterbatch of MASKA GLOBAL JSC is highly recommended fare highly recommended for the use as additives for the transformation of recycled polymers (especially post-consumption materials), but also for virgin polymers (storage problems, or hygroscopic polymers) that require a prior slow/costly drying process.

 Desiccant Masterbatch concentrates bind moisture during the processing of plastic materials. The active ingredient in these masterbatches reacts chemically with water molecules and effectively removes them from the system. Desiccant masterbatch may be effective for products produced with hygroscopic materials where lensing (fish eyes) can be a problem. Moisture absorbing masterbatches are useful to reduce lensing after storage of raw materials in high humidity areas. Concentrates containing a desiccant may be able to bind up to 20% of the masterbatch weight; but in practice, the binding ability will be lower.


Average dosage 1-5%.


Product is highly hygroscopic. Use over within 16-24 hours after opening the packing. Keep original packaging close.

Pre drying of Desiccant masterbatch may be required. Avoid overheating. 

 Special Features:

  • Increases the value of plastic.
  • Prevents or reduces moisture.
  • Improves quality.
  • Cost-effective and economical.
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic.

 Packaging in Bag 5kg in Box:


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