6 troubleshooting basic problems when using CaCO3 Filler masterbatch in PP Woven bag

Filler masterbatch helps increase productivity, hardness, modify physical, chemical and thermal attributes of the surface and reduce cost of goods.

1. Advantages of using PP calcium carbonate masterbatch

1.1 Reduce manufacturing cost​

CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch will replace a part of Virgin Resin (up to 40%-50%) to help you gain big profit in your pocket.

1.2 Enhance the strength, excellent elongation & good compatibility of your PP Woven Bag

PP Filler Masterbatch is the combination of Calcium Carbonate and Polypropylene (PP) as the main components, and other additives. Thanks to the extremely outstanding feature contained in the ingredients of CaCO3, PP Filler Masterbatch of US MASTERBATCH can increase the dosage rate up to  40% FOR PP WOVEN; 30% FOR SPEED 520mpm FOR PP WOVEN; 15% FOR FIBC and still keep the excellent elongation, tensile strength, super smooth surface and dispersion.


1.3 Increase the printability of PP Woven Bag

After finishing the final process for PP Woven Bag, some partners will require to print their brand name in the PP Woven Bag. By mixing filler masterbatch, the printability of your PP Woven Bag will have better-quality.

PP Woven Bag

2 .Troubleshooting Basic Problems When using CaCO3 FILLER MASTERBATCH in PP Woven Bag

2.1 Breaking strength:

This is the most common problem when you process with CaCO3 FILLER MASTERBATCH, there are many reasons that could lead to this problem and the main reasons are :

The Melt Flowing Index of CaCO3 FILLER MASTERBATCH is extremely lower than the PP Resin, then FILLER can’t melt totally when you process.

The PP content in CaCO3 FILLER MASTERBATCH is low that couldn’t cover all CALCIUM CARBONATE molecules. It leads to the unmelt CALCIUM CARBONATE come out which will make the film be broken.

2.2 Black dot in film:

This problem is from the high Moisture content of both CaCO3 FILLER MASTERBATCH and PP Resin.

2.3 Film Puncture:​

The particle size of CaCO3 CALCIUM CARBONATE in FILLER is too high or the CaCO3 CALCIUM CARBONATE with a high content of heavy metal will make the FILTER of your machine be stuck. Then the FILM couldn’t flow frequently when you process.

2.4 Tape Fabrillation:​

For this problem, you should add Anti Fabrillation Masterbatch when processing. This problem is really hard to occur in production line.

2.5 Unmelt Filler:

This is the most serious problem. You couldn’t process your CaCO3 FILLER MASTERBATCH in your production line even with a very low mixing ratio because CaCO3 FILLER has become a hard form and it couldn’t or hardly to melt in your PP Virgin Resin. So that the Tape will continuously break over and over

2.6 High-speed Tape breaking:

This problem occurs when you increase the speed of your extruder machine then the tape starts breaking. The problem comes from the Particle size of CALCIUM CARBONATE CaCO3  and the Melt Flowing Index of your resin as well with the CACO3 content in CaCO3 FILLER MASTERBATCH.

For high-speed tape film, you should choose 78-80% CACO3 FILLER MASTERBATCH with increasing elasticity additives so that you could negate this problem.

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