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Maska Global is a professional company, dynamically developing manufacturers of Filler Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch & Additives Masterbatch for plastics in Vietnam by international standards.

Built on an area of 7,000m2 in Hung Yen, Maska Global factory is equipped with modern machinery and equipment. Along with strict quality control process and a team of experienced engineers, Maska Global is proud to bring high quality of Masterbatch which meet international standards such as FDA, UE Regulation N° 10/2011 to our customers.

With a sustainable development orientation, Maska Global has invested in ancillary facilities, with modern water treatment systems, water supply system, gas station, electricity station and more to ensure efficient, safe and sustainable factory operation according to state laws. Along with the investment in modern production lines, Maska Global has applied the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 and 5S – Kaizen methods.


  • Become a leading manufacturer of high quality Masterbatch products and gaining wide recognition in all over the world.


Moving forward sustainably with manufacturing Plastic industry in Vietnam:

  • Provide the most needed assistance  to solve processors problem
  • Making real benefits & welfare to employees over time;
  • Developing sustainably by minimizing our impact on the environment and contributing to social values.

The goal of yesterday, today and tomorrow is to be our customers’ essential partner for the realization of their creative/productive process.By guaranteeing customers the widest range of products on the market, the highest standards of quality, pre-and post-sale technical assistance, and fast, on-time service, we put ourselves forward not as simple supplier but as a solid partner, a reliable, expert leader in the masterbatch sector.A company with strong global aspirations, we have already made our presence felt in the European, African, South American and Asian Markets. We export to more than 70 countries worldwide and have a strong foot hold in the global market.

Why choose Maska Global?

Organizationally dynamic and ready to meet the most diverse customer demands, Maska Global is a modern company that’s technologically advanced, but with a know-how accumulated in years of experience.

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Our Product Range

The Production Lines include:

  • Fast, high capacity Triple Screw Extruders Lines ( high speed mixers high end computerized gravimetric feeding systems sophisticated, fully computerized process control systems ) 
  • Electronically controlled automatic weighing and bagging systems
  • Computerized inventory management systems 
  • Advanced dust collection systems 

Advanced Testing Facilities

  • DSC
  • TGA         
  • Melt Flow Index- Tester
  • Computerized Spectrophotometer
  • Delta P Tester
  • Computerised Universal Tester
  • Oven and Muffle Furnace
  • Tube Furnace
  • Density Balance Tester
  • Bath – for PET
  • Pressure Index Test for Fillers/ Polywhite
  • Pigment/TiO2 /Carbon Black Dispersion Testing Facilities
  • QUV Tester
  • Injection Moulding Machines for ASTM & ISO Test Specimens
  • ASTM & ISO Moulds
  • Dart impact tester
  • Izod impact tester
  • Lab Mixer
  • Single Screw Lab Extruder
  • Blown film Extruder
  • Injection moulding machine
  • Latest designed twin screw co – rotating extruder

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